Beautiful Love

I love my beautiful son and I have a HUGE passion for doing nails (it's my dream to become a nail tech & open my own shop)

My inspiration for this was @robinmosesnailart lips and hearts nail art


My attempt at one stroke flower nail art



fuck all yall. y’all ain’t shit. LMFAO!!!!!!!!


Too funny 😂

The owner of the Titanic said, “Not even God can sink this ship.” and we already know what happened. Marilyn Monroe said, “I do not need Jesus.” Three days later she was found dead. A mother told her daughter, “May God accompany you.” Ironically she replied, “In the trunk because he does not fit here.” On this trip there was an accident and everyone was killed and the trunk remained intact. If you are not ashamed of Jesus, reblog.


luckydaboss submitted


Lucky’s submissions give me LIFE

Her ring though!!! I love it

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